Ashland Oregon Police Dept. – Corrupt Cops

On Sept 24, 2012, my 14 yr old daughter had stolen cigarettes from me before school, I went looking for her as she walked to school and found her down the road and I yelled at her saying I was gonna whoop her but if she didn’t get in the truck and she took off running. A concerned citizen heard me yelling and called the cops and told them I was trying to hurt someone and lied saying I tried to run him over as well. When I found my daughter after running. She was with the police and this stranger. I walked up to explain what happened as this stranger cursed at me every name in the book, the cops did nothing to stop him and instead attacked me brutally, the entire time I was saying I’mcooperating I just had spine surgery and a damaged spinal cord. Officer Lisa Evans yanked my arms and hit me some more saying then stop resisting. I said I’m not I just don’t bend that way I just had surgery as she continued to assault me. Then arrested me for a dozen charges including trying to kill someone with my vehicle. She told my daughter not o go home even to her mother. And to just stay with friends. All of which we never approved of the cause of the bad influences. Evans put a restraining order on me and called CPS. She then perjured herself on the police report. I could not be in my own home for 3 months. My wife and son and I had to stay in motels while my daughter couch surfed until she was sleeping on the train tracks and under bridges, going to school occasionally but barefoot in the snow. Now my daughter is 15 a dropout and a transient thanks to Lisa Evans, &Gabe Dawson, CPS OFFICER. I spent over 10, 000 dollars in attorney fees and motels. My daughter is gone forever. She is reported as a runaway but the Ashland police hide her and allow her to stay homeless. They have intentionally turned my child against her loving non-violent family.

Ashland Police Dept.
666 corrupt pigs lane
Ashland, Oregon
United States

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