Jessica Neels — Vancouver, Canada

Herd from a close friend this ones an absolute beauty. She was dating my friend for 8 months, having s*x all the time, dinners, hanging out with stuff right.. but she was seeing her ex-boyfriend for 5 months while she was with the other guy too!!! And her exbf had no idea until he […]

Mary Rose — Winnipeg, Canada

This little sloot is nothing but trash. So I hooked up recently with this broad, De she told me she was single and has been for awhile, told me some sad story while on her trip that was believable, made me feel sorry for her. I took her for dinner and at the end we […]

Stephanie Angela Bravo — Windsor, Canada

Where do I begin with this person? Wow! What a mess she made of her life. When she was 22 years old she murdered someone. Yes that’s right! Murdered! Don’t believe me? Just google her name! Man went by the name of Sharri Lluhani. She’ll tell you an exaggerated version of the truth. But here’s […]

Lauren Daughtery — Winnipeg, Canada

This is Lauren Daughtery, Or Lauren Dee, Or Lauren Terease. Whatever she goes by now, this girl is a want to be home wrecking s***t. De she’s got a 2 and a half year old son, left her first baby dad to f*k someone else, that man didn’t want her after she told him she […]

Melly Mackaveli — Regina, Canada

For a complete piece of s**t you sure do stink like dead rotting fish!! 😷🤢 🐠 Smelly Melly just turned 32 and still has nothing going for her in life. No job, no money, no education. No future… Just her trashy gross sk@nky Smelly Crack Fan page that brings in NO $$. And her pathetic […]

Cody Alexander Towers — Ottawa, Canada

User was banned from my Discord server after making threats of life, doxxing, and SWATTING. Cody claims to be some supreme hackerman, but these threats are unfounded and only seem to be scare tactics. After user was banned, he proceeded to ‘raid’ our Discord server with 20+ alt accounts, all of which proceeded to make […]

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