Shelly Mimi Knight Mills — Nashville, Tennessee

My husband works for the Metro Transit Authority which is a public transportation system in Nashville. He was working at the downtown location where all the bus drivers come into the bus station to pick up passengers. He started talking and helping out the drivers with any mechanical problems. This one bus driver Shelly was […]

Amanda Landreth — Chattanooga, Tennessee

Amanda Landreth Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Parts Girl. This girl gives the best service ever to her customers. She’s very thorough and makes sure to get your order right everytime. De she does this by texting your husband and telling him how fine he is, asking what they’re wearing that day, telling them to think […]

Rafa Maio — Nashville, Tennessee

Rafa Maio is obsessed with guns, he owns several. He is unable to exercise The 2nd amendment due to his immigration status. He uses his girlfriend, Amanda for money. His career is a flop. De he has threatened his neighbors with violence and disrespects police and American laws. Rafa has a very violent antisocial personality […]

Claudia Barbera Pullen — Chattanooga, Tennessee

She was born into a wealthy family and married to a veterinarian. She uses her family to make money by owning their building and charging them. She uses them to fund her hobby, co-driving for rally races. She meets men while traveling for races and at races. She gets their number and has long-term affairs. […]

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