Debbie Thomas — Sacramento, California

Debbie Thomas……. What a psycho. De this b***h is crazy, she lies sooooo much, she is a dead beat mom, her parent’s are trailer trash and both are drunks. Her son’s are all f****d up because of her, one is a gay prostitute, the other two are just awful human beings. The oldest sells meth, hooked his baby momma on it so she wouldn’t leave him. The last kid Collects welfare, sleeps on the street,asked to come live with his mom and she changed her number to avoid him. She is mother of the year. She is f****d up in the head too, maybe it’s because her dad sexually abused her til she was 22. If you can, avoid this b***h, ugly person, very unattractive, f****d up hair, tacky tattoo’s, really bad body odor,meth user and she is a loser. Who gets fired from Denny’s? She does, showing up to work high will do it every time. She stole cd’s from my car, my iPod and some candy. I got mad, went to go get my stuff and found out this w***e sleeps on the floOr on top of clothes, she has no bed. Her nephew’s dog sleeps on the floor with her. The dog took a s**t by the kitchen and nobody even bothered to pick it up. There is toddler running around the apartment without a diaper, dirty,a runny nose and his legs are stained from s******g on himself. This b***h is a mess and a head case.

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