Derrick Meeks — Biloxi, Mississippi

This is a man who will meet you “accidentally” off of FB or other similar sites, and after a very short time convince you he is “just a nice guy searching for his queen” (he uses the same lines over and over to keep his story straight). Claims he is single and unattached, yet his cell phone will go off all night long after he flies from MS to meet you, regardless of where you live, and after texting and emailing you like you were the only woman in the world for a week or so. He will try and sneak and take pics of you in compromising positions and will insist on not using protection after you just met, he will have ZERO intentions of a committment and is doing this to maintain his rep as a “playboy”…he is not all that, doesnt represent himself truthfully, says he is taller than he is, and De I feel sorry for the people who actually are in situations where their esteem is less than it should be, or are coming out of a difficult relationship and fall for his lines, as he seems to instinctively know what he thinks you want to hear, and then after he gets what he wants (s*x and pictures to prove his conquests) will insist that he should have never come to see you, because he feels like he is breaking you up with your last mate, or will lie and pretend to be jealous or mistrusting when in all reality he could care less, his name is dERRICK MEEKS and he says he is training surgeons for the airforce, yet will barely send you any evidence that he really is still military. My sister warned me that he couldve just taken a pic in some scrubs and fatiugues (military issue) and could be a nigerian/somalian scam artist, only what he will take from you will be way worse than money, (which he is also cheap after he gets comfortable with you, so as to recoup his flight costs) because he will steal away the hope for a good man, as he will seemingly be exactly what you needed and right on time, and claims to have “revoked” his own playa card, and will still be unreachable when he is out of work hrs or etc and will claim there was no reception where he was, or that he was at the gym, yet has the tiniest arms (and a ridiculous tribal tattoo across the band of his biceps which only accentuates the fact that he has tiny femmy arms for a supposed soldier)…beware, you will be lucky if he does not give you a disease or a child!

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