Detective Raymond St. Clair, Dayton. Oh. – Avoid this man

I was looking on the internet to see if there was a website out there where a person could file a Complaint on just about anything or anybody that had done someone wrong. I had done a Google search for complaints sites, to see if there was anything as a complaint on a Police Detective who was on what I would consider being on the shady side. The reason why I was looking was a few years ago a Detective had come to my door saying that Mayor Mclin was doing her neighborhood walk when some of my neighbors had told her that my house was a drug house. She had contacted the Police Department and had told them to have it checked out. I told the Detective that my house was not a drug house and he asked me if it was alright if he could do a search without having to get a search warrant? I told him I had nothing to hide and to go ahead and search. He came in, the Detective was very polite when he came in. The last area that he searched was my friend Kevin’s room. While he was searching the room he came across half a pound of Marijuana that belongs to my roommate. I was in shock, and within five minutes while we were talking there was a knock on the front door and it was Kevin that’s when the Detective started talking to Kevin, within a few minutes the Detective told Kevin to place his hands behind his back that Kevin was under arrest. Kevin started to cry when the Detective told Kevin ok here’s the deal, is there any more drugs other than the half a pound that the Detective had already found? Kevin’s reply was there is no more. The Detective told Kevin, here’s what I’m going to do. With all the Drugs that I see here, I could arrest you and charge you with Possession with the intent to distribute. I tell you what I’m going to do instead of arresting you, I’m going to take these drugs to the Police Station and tell them that I had found them. The Detective told me That his name was Raymond and he left with the drugs. I decided to call the Police Department to see if there was any record of the half-pound being turned in, and the Officer that I had talked to said that there was no record of any half pounds of Marijuana being booked into the evidence room. I have called for the last Six months non-stop and I still get the same answer about that bag of Marijuana, that there had not been any such bag turned in. After all the calls, I decided to call Detective St.Clair directly to find out what happened to the drugs. His reply was he got very rude to me and said that he was not talking over the phone. An hour later Detective St.Clair was knocking at my door. He asked me why I kept calling about the drugs,? Did he say don’t you trust me? I think I made a mistake by not arresting Kevin when I had a chance. Why do you want to add fuel to the fire? In my opinion, I think that Detective St.Clair had never intended to turn the drugs in, he probably kept the drugs for himself. Who knows he may even sell the drugs to some drug addicts and kept the money from the sales.

City of Dayton
335 W. Third St.,, Dayton, 45402
937-333-2677 (333-COPS)

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