Draton Mares — Frederick, Colorado

I met this guy online back in 12/08-01/09. We talked for a few days and then he stopped talking to me. Around 05/09 he suddenly contacted me out of the blue. He wanted to go out on a date and in 06/09 we did. We had a couple of what seemed to be good dates and then he started to ignore me. I stopped by his house to see what was going on and he told me he was having “legal” issues and that he did not work at the longmont police department like he had told me. he was in fact unemployed. so i thought I’d let that go and we decided to go to vail for the weekend. while there right after s*x he hit me up for 200 dollars for his court costs. he tells me that in a miscarriage of justice he was wrongfully being accused of grand theft auto by his evil roommate kelsey. so i gave him the money the following day and then he just stopped talking to me again. so after two weeks of not hearing back from him i confronted him again, he tells me that his mom has cancer and that he can’t talk to me because he has no phone. so like the dumbass that i am, i went out and got him one. we “reconciliated” and went to LA for the weekend. De i thought we had a great time and when we got back he confessed to needing more money for a check fraud charge. same pattern of not talking and eventually i dumped him. feeling lonely, i contacted him a few weeks later and we decided to be friends. around 10/09 he suddenly tells me that he needs more money for court or else he’ll go to jail. so between 06/09-10/09 he has no job and i’ve paid for his food and entertainment costs. when he finally got a job in 10/09 he said he’d start paying but he didn’t. in fact, when i asked him to pay up he got all huffy and then stopped talking to me. i should have expected all of this behavior because he told me that a friend of his that had helped him had accused him of manipulation and they had a fight because he would not pay up. he also told me that his last boyfriend was crazy and had sent him letters to his mom’s house and had shown up to his job after dre cancelled on him at the last minute. all of this was familiar because he did it to me. so after he told me not to contact him again i filed a small claims case to recover nearly $1000 in court fees that i paid for him. but either way, the guy is a deadbeat with clinical borderline personality disorder. he was really intense in the beginning and then when things got too close for him he became cold and distant. this pattern repeated again and again until i became so emotionally traumatized that i had to seek therapy.

coincidence that he started talking to me a week or so after his arrest?

as part of my small claims case i did some research on him. i finally discovered the truth about him. back in 08/08 he was kicked out of his parents home for drug use. being the irresponsible person he is he had no savings and had to ask a friend for a place to stay. while there he stole a checkbook from her mom. he was sneaky enough that he stole it from the middle of the box so that the theft would not be immediately noticed. a few days later she noticed her bank account seemed incorrect and she contacted the police. he eventually confessed to the theft on his myspace page and a warrant was issued for his arrest. being the genius that he is he caught the attention of a longmont pd officer at 3am when he was driving with his headlights off. he got pulled over and the officer discovered that he was driving his friend kelsey’s van without a license because it had been suspended. dispatch also reported his warrant and he was immediately booked. so all along he kept saying that all his problems were miscarriages of justice but the longmont police records and the boulder county records will tell you the truth. check out his mug shot.

fyi his birthdate is 10/31/1988

i have details on http://xandersjourney.blogspot.com/

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