Emily Katherine Berry — Michigan

To give a little back story, my husband and I have been together almost 5 years, married for 2 this coming Saturday. De I moved away in late July to deal with some personal family issues. The plan was I would move back in September, but finances pushed it back and then school started for my daughter and we agreed waiting until the semester was over would be best to move, and then I found out about the Homewrecker.

I had been going to visit my husband twice a month, one night in November he told me he was going out with a friend, but never called me to tell me he was home like he usually did, I called and called his phone and he never answered or responded to my texts. I got on the phone bill and found this girls phone number he had ben texting constantly. I called her, asked her why she was texting my husband so much. She asked me “who is your husband” and I told her, her response shocked me. She said “oh I thought he was married when I found his FB, but he deleted it before I could confront him”. I explained to her that him and I were very much still married and I had seen him the weekend before and had pics that showed us VERY happy and in love. Next thing I knew he got p****d at me and started telling me he was done. His flip flopping between her and I went on since the beginning. I traveled to see him twice after I found out about her, both times he had told me he broke it off with her and both times he ditched her to spend time with me and spent the evenings with me as well. I confronted her SEVERAL times over all this. I had recordings I played for her where he clearly said he had only been using her because he was lonely and bored, he went so far as to say in one “he would rather eat my a*s than sleep with her” and that if I moved back he would “drop her in a heartbeat”. I played these recordings for her and showed her texts he had sent me and pics of him and I. Each time she would say she couldn’t believe he was doing that to her or me and that I should leave him because he talks s**t about me and blah blah blah, and then she would go right back to him and tell him a bunch of bullshit and he would get mad at me. While she was telling me I deserved better and she wasn’t going to be with him again she was telling him she loved him and whatever and I was doing things I really wasn’t.

So this past week I went to see him again, it was our “make it or break it”, the first night he obviously didn’t break it off with her and she started blowing up his phone and he turned it off. We had gotten a hotel room to try and get some quiet alone time. My phone started going off about 10pm. I told her I was with him and was there for the week and we were in a hotel, that’s when he true colors came out. She then proceeded to tell me she was pregnant (which he has denied until he is blue). He finally got on his phone and told her he was with me and she needed to get the picture and that she was just like every other “low self esteemed whores, trying to trap him by getting pregnant”, he told her to leave him alone, but of course like all homewreckers she wouldn’t. He set up a time for him and her to meet so he could get his stuff, which took an act of congress because she wanted to talk. First off she knew him for all of at the most 3 months, NO woman in her right mind thinks its ok to get pregnant with a married man’s baby after that long, especially knowing he was still with me and sleeping with me. She ended up using his belongings as a type of hostage to get him alone and talk to him in a public place, of course I was in the parking lot waiting and watching. She gave him his stuff, I hopped in his truck and we went our separate ways. Well apparently she was still texting him using the “pregnancy” as a reason. He finally blocked her on the following Sunday. I left that Monday and come to find out he met up with her after I left. I told him I was done and wanted nothing more. He proceeded to continue to text me yesterday and tell me he needed me, but he was confused and knew he had f****d up. Today he spent the day texting me telling me to move back asap he couldn’t do it anymore and that we needed to fix things. He swears up and down they are over.

Now I know he’s responsible, but the minute she found out he was married she should have dropped him. No self-respecting woman starts a “relationship” with a married man who clearly is not done with his wife and keeps going back to him after knowing he had been with his wife unless they are desperate. My only concern has been my family, there are three little girls involved. I had got custody of his two daughters and they were living with us and were supposed to move back, but once his affair started he started neglecting everything. Our family, me, our marriage, even our home. The point is that she’s a homewrecker, there are things ruined in 3 months that will take YEARS to fix if we even get that chance, right now him and I are hanging on by a thread. Her job requires her to use good judgment and have morals, none of which have been used the past three months. She has made a mockery of marriage, our family and herself. I told her numerous times to back off and if we got divorced she could have him, obviously she was too insecure to be respectful of that request. NO ONE belongs in a marriage but the husband and wife, and until the judge says so that marriage is a sacred union.

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