Frank’s Roofing & Spraying — Horrible gutter job

Frank’s Roofing & Spraying, Inc., installed seamless gutters that were short by a couple of inches on all four ends. On July 26, 2018, I paid the $900 invoice for seamless gutters Frank’s Roofing & Spraying, Inc. installed on the front and back of my roof. I talked to the salesman, Art R., extensively about the special needs in the back because water fell off the roof without gutters and puddled against the foundation where it damaged the floorboards. Art showed me how the downspout would be installed so all the water would funnel into it and away from the house. I spoke to the installer, as well, about this. I noticed the gutters were short on each end, though, and instead of catching the water at the ends to funnel water into the gutters, the water streams down in a constant flow and puddles up against the house and right in the doorway, where I have to step in it. If the gutters were installed properly, water from both ends would go into the gutter and away from the house, as I discussed with the salesman and installer. When I emailed Art on Sunday, January 27, 2019, about the problem, I sent him a photo via this link of properly installed gutters, I got an email back from Art R. stating “The photos that you attached are for gutter installation in other parts of the country. In Florida, we install them the way we did on your house.” I then drove around my neighborhood and noticed other gutters installed on single sides were indeed installed as the photo in the link. In Florida. I made a video of the problem I’m describing above and it can be found here. Besides the visuals I’m providing, I also had a gutter installer come by my house. He verified that the gutters Frank’s Roofing installed were short on each end and because they were seamless, they would need to be replaced. I’m disgusted that I have to go through all of this after having been so specific about my needs for the gutters to work properly. If they were installed at the proper length, ALL the water flowing off the roof on either side of the house would go into the gutters and flow out the downspout as they should. The men who installed the gutters seemed very inexperienced at the job, as well. One of them was totally dependent on the other for direction. The other had problems with the installation from the start. After installing the gutter on the front of the house, he had to take the whole thing down and reinstall it a second time to position it for water flow.

Frank’s Roofing & Spraying
5811 Corporation Cir
Fort Myers, FL 33905-5014
(239) 369-9045

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