Glen H. Dewar, Esq. Dayton, OH – DO NOT HIRE THIS MAN

Stay away from Glen H. Dewar, Go Cicero at ALL COSTS, him and his little scammer partner Anthony R Cicero he will tell ANY lie to get your money, he will not do a minutes worth of work, shame on you Glen H. Dewar for taking advantage of people that need help…he is also a convicted felon, and is in and out of jail. You have been warned do not to make the same mistake I did, All the complaints against them, by several clients, are all true! It is a really bad law firm, do not hire them, Incompetent and inexperienced group of lousy lawyers. A sorry and unprofessional law firm, full of inexperienced lawyers and incompetent who will mess up your legal case! By far the worst firm in the valley if not the state! Liars and crooks. If you ever heard about a terrible firm that lies cheats and steals in order to squeeze their clients for as much money as possible it’s most likely this firm they are referring to. After a bunch of amazing promises and telling me they really care and everything they could say to sell me, I paid them with a credit card. They overcharged me by $500. Once I called they said Oh sorry. I got a check in the mail 3 weeks later. After 3 months they had yet to even make a single phone call on my behalf. Week after week I would call and email and I never talked to an attorney again, just their secretaries. Finally, after the state filed more charges and the attorney had no idea what was going on I had to fire this terrible firm. Well, 2 months later and 17 more phone calls they have yet to send a refund even though they promised 80% back when I fired them. Now I have to sue these jokers!!! Stay away they are the textbook of sleazy slime ball lawyers. Not a good lawyer, he doesn’t listen well, he loses clients’ paperwork a lot, is often rude on the phone and does not win most of his cases! Here is more information on him loses clients’ paperwork and get in trouble for it

Glen H. Dewar Esq. Dayton OH

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