Holly Mcdonald — Dayton, Ohio

Well, where to begin? Here is a start, my ex-girlfriend Holly Mcdonald doesn’t believe in showers and likes to wear the same clothes for days. She barely changes her underwear. She left the same tampon in for days. Holly Mcdonald is a very sick s**t and the World’s Biggest W***e in Dayton, Ohio. This hoe loves it up the a*s. She had s*x with her biological father and she got pregnant with him. Then, she sold her baby for fast cash, so she can get her breast implants. Every weekend she goes to her father’s house and gives him a b*****b for 25.00, so she can pay her Cricket prepaid cell phone bill. There was one time when she f****d a man for a cheeseburger. This w***e bangs anything that walks. She loves it dirty and is the biggest lying, cheating s**t you will ever meet. If you see her, just say hi and she will give you a good time, but, beware though, of what you catch. This s**t works at Groceryland at the Dayton location on 1451 Troy St, Dayton, OH 45404. All you have to do is call her at her job at Groceryland and ask for Holly Mcdonald. Tell her that she is pretty, then she will ask you for your phone number, then you got her in the bed that’s how easy this s**t is. Holly Mcdonald likes to cheat on people…didn’t know that until after it happened to me. The dumb b***h loves sucking c**k, though, can’t get enough of it. This nasty- a*s w***e will lick your a*s hole and then turn around and suck your nut sack with a straw. She will let you do anything in the world to her, if you let her sit on your face, Ha! She’s a big fat hog s**t. Her biological father’s name is “Daniel L. McDonald” and he is a registered s*x offender. He is a sick person. He had s*x with his other child when she was only 15 years old. Her mother would not do anything about it, because she was afraid of him. He was a very bad drunk. This fat hog of a s**t can suck a golf ball through an 85-foot garden hose. You had better call upon the Trojan man before you mount this hoe. This is by far the nastiest d**n s**t, I’ve ever met. The whole family practices incest. Just look at the p***y. G*d, please tell me I didn’t get drunk and f**k it. If my c**k starts dripping green herpes juice, I know what happened. The Last thing that makes me sick is that she works at Groceryland and puts her fingers in the potato salad, knowing that she is infested with Genital Herpes. This makes me turn against potato salad. Her Work Phone Number is (937) 224-0444. Give her a call, text, or whatever.

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3 comments on “Holly Mcdonald — Dayton, Ohio

  1. KLAY says:

    Holy S**t who the f**k would f**k that ugly fat nasty looking ho I wouldn’t f**k that ugly ho with your d**k

  2. Ceyhokis says:

    She’s a horrible blob

  3. Auntmert says:

    Your downright nasty sloot

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