Joelene Joy Tetoff — Mechanicstown, Ohio

My ex-husband and I married young (barely in our 20′s)and moved from Japan to Rota, Spain per military orders. De we were having marital problems in Japan but thought a change of scenery might do us some good. Things didn’t change for the better and instead of following by suggestion of attending marital counseling because he didn’t want someone telling him what to do, he decided instead to f**k this w***e of a human behind my back, before divorce discussions ever came about. Happened in Rota, Spain but she now lives in Ohio

A little background about her: she and I worked in the same building and we befriended each other so being the kind person that I am, invited her to our house to hang out. I am unaware if they knew each other before or after she and I became friends but either way, while my ex and I were going through the beginning stages of separation/divorce proceedings, she said I could stay at her place until I found somewhere to live. Come to find out, this knuckle-dragging, inbred swamp c**t did this so she could move into my house but as if that wasn’t enough, she and the f**k head decided to not only get engaged while he and I were still married (not even separated yet, mind you) but also conceive a child in what was still mine and my husband’s marital bed.

When I confronted both of them about it, because, after all, I did find her dirty clothes and underwear under what was still my bed, they both told me that nothing was happening. So, not only is she a w***e but she’s also a conniving, soul-less succubus waste of human flesh who has zero problems flat out lying to someone’s face while f*****g with the most intimate relationship two people can have.

On the flip side, I thank her for being more than able and willing to slob on his 3 inches of fury k**b because white trash begets white trash and had she not come around, I wouldn’t be blessed with the beautiful family and life I’ve created with someone who actually recognizes what marriage vows are truly about.

As a precautionary tale, if you don’t want your pics splashed all over the internet, have the initiative to form at least one brain cell by not setting the privacy settingson your Facebook to public…..just saying.

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