Keith Lemieux — Louisville, Kentucky

This man ahem…boy is a Text Book Narcissist. A manipulator, a con-artist, an emotional predator! He will build you up, sing to you yuck!, shower you with his kind words, cook, clean, give you massages….everything you could ever want from a man. But none of it is real. It’s just his way of hooking you in so he can play with you. He is not capable of feeling empathy or love. He cannot cry or express any emotion unless he is acting. He moves very fast wanting a relationship, marriage. He told me he loved me the second time I ever saw him. That should’ve been a red flag. Everything will appear too good to be tru at first with Keith. Then he changes into this very odd, quiet, distant person. He is overly obsessed with his music. I mean, he spends every waking moment with his d**n guitar in his hand, and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He has no ties with any friends of family, He moves all over just sponataneously, I believe he is a drifter who lives off of other people. He is very good at making you feel sorry for him. I am in debt over this a*s hole because I wanted to give him the world. i thought it would make him happy. He would disappear for days and not call or anyhting. then appear like nothing had happened. He started fights out of the blue…which left me feeling as though my head was spinning and I was going in circles. He was extremely moody. I never knew how he would act. He threw things at me numerous times. Tried to kill us one night while driving my car over nothing. He was very jealous yet confident in himself. He never took showers, washed his hair, shaved, changed boxers. He claimed that he didn’t want to miss anything by being in the shower. I just thought that maybe he had been sexually abused in the shower as a I ignored it. Yet, at times I would have to ask him to take one because he stunk and I’m a clean freak. His teeth were the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. They were rotting out of his mouth! I offered to pay for him to go to the dentist but he refused. Oh and back to his family. He hates his parents. He hates his past friends and girlfriends. Everyone is out to get him. Keith is ALWAYS the victim. He is a pathological liar. He will tell you that he’s been in business for himself, worked for famous people, sang with John Mayer, owned beach homes, motorcycles, expensive cars, boats, jet skis, etc….but he left all of that in florida to move to KY on Christmas Eve 2004. Weird? He’s claimed to have been homeless, shot, stabbed, almost killed many times, witnessed a girlfriend murdered in front of his face, a drug dealer, a druggie, sexually abused by his father….De he’s too psychotic for most of these things not to be true. See how easy it is for him to make you want to take him in and give him a better life? Please don’t fall for him! He is not the person he claims to be. Any more questions and please contact me. Good Luck!

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