Kinross Real Estate — Worst Real Estate Company

“One of the worst real estate companies in Boston. Completely amateur and unprofessional, negligent, and unaware of any Boston property laws. On par with Alpha management for worst property services in Boston. (They also write their own reviews with fake names to make them look better). They are terrible.” I can’t stand by my initial review any more than I do. Mark Blotner and Kinross real estate are UNREAL. The lies and rhetoric that go on in their tiny minds is nothing short of fascinating. If I may quote: “This person who posted took the time to create a account for our company to complain because he wants to break his lease.” First off, I created this account LAST YEAR to bash National Grid for their terrible customer service and lack of heat when moving into my new apartment (owned by Mr. Blotner) only to realize it wasn’t their fault, it was his, because our HEATER DIDN’T WORK. So what’s the worse part? The worse part is that the building was FORECLOSED upon with existing violations at the housing department including a broken heater and no CO detectors. So how about next time, Mark, you do some research before you open your droopy mouth and try to make false claims for why I do things. Do these people do their homework on the buildings they buy? This building also hadn’t been certified for occupancy since 1992! Almost 20 years later me and my roommate move in to find the lovely paint job, granite counter tops, and stainless steel appliances that we pay $2200 a month for are meaningless to us because we have no d**n heat. No heat in a unit marketed as a “two bed” with technically only ONE room plus a study/family room. And if they want to sell this as a condo for 360K, who do you think would put up with a lie like that? Two bedroom… that’s garbage. How low can this company sink? Apparently lower because someone there had the brilliant idea of pasting a 75 cent sticker on the laundry even though it costs 2 dollars. That’s really classy. Really classy. Idiots. “He went so far as to call inspectional services to try to find issues with his apartment, the only items found in his apartment were some paint chipping and a hairline crack in a window pane.” Like I even noticed that stuff. That’s what the inspector found. I didn’t care about that. I wanted to make sure there were no more SERIOUS violations. But of course that wouldn’t go through your head because this company didn’t even bother to check the existing records on the building they bought. How much more of a 20 year amateur can you be? Seriously. If I can drive my little car into Dorchester and find all of this information out, why don’t these people? Are they just lazy? Are they stupid? Do they care about the properties they own? Or did they know? Did they think that, as tenants, we wouldn’t find out? So back to the point – after a fall and winter of on and off heat, the unit finally had to be replaced because it was “broken.” Well! Three weeks later when our first floor neighbors got back from their “vacation,” (as the construction workers installing the new heater claimed) we found out why they were REALLY gone. Apparently that old broken heater was leaking CO, for which there were NO DETECTORS in the building. They were pregnant at the time so they evacuated. National Grid came and told them specifically that there was CO gas in their unit and the basement. If the 2nd floor unit and the 3rd floor unit were even checked we wouldn’t know because we were never informed until they got back. Thankfully Kinross claims there was no evidence of CO in our unit. What a relief! Except, oh, wait… IT WAS ALL OVER THE BASEMENT. You know what’s in the basement? You know what the basement is? COMMUNAL SPACE! These idiots seriously think that if there’s deadly gas filling up our basement and we go down there for various things including the LAUNDRY, that it’s fine to just NOT TELL US?? Who do these guys think they are? “His own roommate admitted there was no reason to call inspectional services.” My roommate has seen that statement and says it is a lie. From his own mouth, he says that statement is totally false. So how do you feel, Mark Blotner? You want to try and justify anything else to anyone? Or should I just keep letting the internet and the general population know how stupid you guys are? Do I really have to keep bashing you on the internet by exposing all of the lazy shortcuts you take and don’t care about until someone with a brain calls you on it? Yes, I do have a brain. That means that, unlike you, I don’t make conjecture. I state facts. The fact is that you bought a foreclosed building and didn’t bother to look into the history of it because you thought nobody would find out. Well, smart guy, we moved in to find a broken heater, and when a pregnant neighbor is hospitalized because NG says there’s CO in our basement, do you really think I won’t march down to the housing dept. and find out what the h**l is wrong with the building?

Kinross Real Estate
(617) 505-6383

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