Maggie Hord — Tucson, Arizona

So two years ago this girl who was living with my neighbors befriends me and i believed her sob stories and such but as it turns out she was after my man the whole time..I’m happily bi so she pretended to want to be with me to get to my man the whole time she was telling my best friend that i was abusing the end we kicked her tot he curb and she ran to live with my ex best friend and then ran to San Diego runs around with loads of guys and then now that her latest fling has decided to dump her she is running again and now is running back to AZ…she plays at being so innocent but in the end she wants your man your money and then she will be gone.. She isn’t to be trusted in anyway! She will turn your friends against you and then bolt and she leaves a hurricane in her wake. I lost my best friend because of this w***e. Careful how you treat her, De she use to put her phone number on a card and the words “text me if you are lonely” and drive around with her friend…serious s**t here…

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