Matthew Collins — West Haven, Connecticut

I met Matthew Collins on Match. com. He pretended to be completely available and wanting to start a real relationship. He was a smooth talker who said bunch of really nice things to me to reel me in. He came on very strong, very fast which should have been my first warning. He got me pregnant. When I told him I might be pregnant, he rushed to my side. As we laid in bed talking about plans for the baby (even what we might name it), he decided to tell me he was having an affair with a girl who was engaged to be married and he had been having the affair for 1.5 years. He was in love with her. He told me this as I laid naked in bed next to him, pregnant. I was shocked, scared, and heartbroken. I didn’t understand why he was telling me this now and why he had been on in the first place. The words rolled off his tongue like nothing with no regard for my feelings.

Things went completely downhill from there. His tune completely changed after his mistress got married and we got confirmation that I was in fact pregnant. I said that I wanted to keep the baby and that infuriated him. He started sending me nasty, hateful emails demanding that I have an abortion and about how he didn\\\’t want me to be the mother of his child. He said there would probably be something wrong with the baby due to my age. He said my family would think I was crazy for having the baby and no other man would want to be with me. He was saying any and everything to get me to have the abortion he so desperately wanted. He posted over and over again on social media (all of his pages were public) about how sad he was about his girlfriend getting married, meanwhile I was home crying about being abandoned and pregnant. I invited him to a doctor\’s appt., but he never came. I finally decided that it might be a good idea to have an abortion, as this was not a good situation. I told him the date of the abortion, which was two weeks away. He never called me in the two weeks, not even the night before. The morning of the day he thought I was in the abortion, he was posting pictures of his new tattoo on Instagram.

I eventually did have an abortion and I regret it every day. I cry every day. I have been in so much pain and he has not. I did it for him and this is all is because of him and he has never sincerely apologized or given a s**t. He doesn\\\’t care about anyone but himself. He has never cared about any of this or given me a second thought. He hasn\\\’t taken one bit of responsibility for his actions. His actions caused this entire mess that turned my life upside down and he acts like I am some nuisance. He is more upset about his girlfriend (who doesn\\\’t give a s**t about him) getting married than he does about any of this. He walked into my life, turned it upside down for no reason and walked out without a care in the world and wonders what is wrong with me. Why won\\\’t I just get over it and go away. I really believe he is a sociopath. Anyone who can go on and seek people out when they are clearly in love with and sleeping with someone else, has issues. And the way he told me, in my bed, about the married woman, was just so sick and twisted. He\\\’s left me with scars that will never go away and he treats me as some piece of a*s that he f***ed a couple of times…no big deal. Well I\\\’m here to let him know that you can\\\’t treat people like that. It\\\’s not right and it\\\’s not fair. The first night he met me, I gave him a ride home because he missed his train. I never had an intention of even coming in his house. He begged me and begged me to stay over. I\\\’m not going to say he forced me, but that\\\’s what it felt like it. He was overbearing and insisting that I stay. He c**e inside me without protection (which I thought he had on) the first night I met him. I was shocked that a guy would do that with someone he just met. It\\\’s just another example of what a crazy person he is. He does that then becomes enraged when I become pregnant, forces me to have an abortion and is now advertising his desperate want for kids on another dating site. He’s completely crazy!

If you\\\’re reading this, that means you probably googled him and that means you\\\’re probably dating him and if you are, please be careful. This is not the type of person you want to get involved with. He is fake and phony. He lies so much, I don\\\’t even think he remembers all the lies he tells. He\\\’s a salesman. That\\\’s what he does, it\\\’s his job. When I first started talking to him, he said he wanted to meet my dad and take him to a baseball game at Fenway Park. And when I went to visit my grandfather, he asked if I had mentioned him. On our first date, he asked the bartender to take a picture of us with my phone and told me to send it to all my friends and tell them about us. Meanwhile, he had a girlfriend the whole time and never had any intention of being with me. He would always ask me to send him pictures of me and then he would comment \\\”I\\\’m just scared you\\\’re too perfect, too spectacular.\\\” He sent me roses saying he was \\\”always thinking\\\” about me. He\\\’s just cheesy, corny and over-the-top. Don\\\’t fall for it like I did. He never meant a word of it. De he completely f**ked with my mind and my emotions only to leave me pregnant and alone. I don\\\’t know why he did any of it. I guess it was for his own sick satisfaction. The only explanation I can come up with is that there is something wrong with him. He doesn\\\’t see it and believe me, he does not care. He has never said sorry to me or ever tried to help me through any of it. He has only kicked me when I am down. If you come into contact with him, please run the other way. I wish more than anything that I had never met him.

******He is now on another dating site (How About We-username Mattycat27, says he lives in Hamden-another lie) and where it says wants children he put “WANTS ‘EM NOW.” This just about killed me as my child was due in just a few months and he so desperately said he did NOT want my child. Just another way to kick me when I am down. I guess nothing should surprise me at this point, but it still was a complete shock to see him on the site advertising his desperate want for kids. I just can’t. I have no words. To see him out online dating again was enough to send me over the edge, but to see him saying he needs children NOW just about did me in. This person honestly has NO heart or soul.******

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