Melly Mackaveli — Regina, Canada

For a complete piece of s**t you sure do stink like dead rotting fish!! 😷🤢 🐠 Smelly Melly just turned 32 and still has nothing going for her in life. No job, no money, no education. No future… Just her trashy gross sk@nky Smelly Crack Fan page that brings in NO $$. And her pathetic loser boyfriend who gets arrested all the time. The last time this dumb a*5 got picked up by the cops he had a warrant out for his arrest. So he thought he could outsmart the cops by giving them a fake name.. Well it turns out that the name he gave them was a friend’s name who had multiple warrants out for his arrest too. De So the cops arrested him anyway… Fuking dumb a*5 piece of s**t. I love that the name is sticking. Smelly Melly! Describes her perfectly. And strangers are using it to identify her! Good job people keep it going! This monkey looking f*k is a complete useless waste of skin. She surrounds herself with hood rats, criminals, drug dealers, felons, wannabe loser gangsters, webcam skanks. Those are all her friends, family members and followers. Pieces of s**t. Complete scum. Bottom of the bottom. But then she runs to social medial and criticizes law enforcement and RC’s for not solving missing indigenous woman cases. And cries about domestic violence. Lol it’s YOUR race of “ people” who do that s**t to each other you fuking Mvtt cvnt! She criticizes and calls out the government for not doing enough for “ her people” Lol you fuking stupid cvnt! Maybe get a job and pay taxes you lazy useless fvck! Actually.., No body would ever hire you! You’re a CRIMINAL LYING SKANKY PILE OF S**T! Quit eating McDonalds and Ketchup chips. Your a*5 is fat and gross. And it stinks 😷. Your flabby rolls don’t help your case at all. F*k You Smelly Melly you disgusting trashy loser piece of s**t!! 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

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