Michael L. Ortman, D.D.S. — Pulled the wrong tooth

I called in scheduling an appointment advised that the back tooth on the bottom right side was hurting. Because of my known dental issues (severe bone loss complicated by gum disease & diabetes), I called to schedule an appt to have the tooth removed. When I went in I advised the dentist the same thing. He put the medicine to numb me and walked away. Several minutes later he came back and I advised him I wasn’t numb. So he tried again. He then pulled a tooth. I was told I wouldn’t need any pain reliever/antibiotics and was sent on my way. In route home my tooth was still hurting so I thought the gauze was too big so I tried to adjust only to find they pulled the wrong tooth. I called and was told to come back but I would need to wait. My mouth is killing me, by the time I get called back…he takes a look and then starts to pull the correct tooth. I just about came out of my seat. He thought I’d still be numb. So he gave some more meds…waited, then gave more and advised that with all the infection he was having a hard time getting me numb. He finally pulled the tooth. While I was waiting to be released the numbness wore off and the pain was excruciating. I flagged someone down and told them I wanted to go home. The dentist came back and seen the pain I was in and filled out a script for pain meds, but no antibiotic, and said I could go. The front office called me back and had the nerve to ask me to pay for the 2nd tooth they pulled. It’s been a week, and my jaw still hurts. My family physician said to find a new dentist and to take the antibiotic I had leftover at the house. Should you need to use Dr. Michael L. Ortman, D.D.S. in Dayton – make sure your dentist knows exactly which tooth needs to be pulled by clearly marking your tooth as verbal/written instructions isn’t enough.

Michael L. Ortman, D.D.S.
4224 Philadelphia Dr., Dayton, 45405
Company Telephone
(937) 276-3172
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