Michael Smidt — Richardson, Texas

Michael, in my opinion, manifests classic sociopathic behavior. This is a 57 year old compulsive narcissist skilled liar and manipulator (in the romance department). When I met him he was dying his hair blond and lied about his age on his internet profile. De he’s originally from Denmark however, he has been in the USA since about 1988. Married 3 American women and, of course, it was always their fault for the marriage breakup. With the help of V****a, he’s now become an internet “kitten chaser”. After living together for 3 years and being in a relationship for 4 years… he waited until I helped him fix up his apartment (buying him many of the items in said apartment – including pitching in for his mattress) to break up with me via EMAIL. Although he denied being on the internet and meeting other women – the truth came out… he dumped me for a Russian who gave him a sob story … and took him for a laptop computer…. hahaha. In October of 09 we reconnected. He was stranger than ever. However, I had hope that maybe he would change. SILLY ME. We had a relationship for about one month… dinner, cozy evenings watching TV and drinking wine both at his apartment and my home. He swore up and down that he didn’t have anyone else he was seeing at the time. (HAHAHA) Once a sociopathic liar always a liar. After he would spend time with me… he would suddenly go “missing in action”. When he finally returned (he was always at a boyfriend’s home on the weekend- doing resumes or helping a male friend paint his apartment) HAHAHA. He fed me a few lines about “having feelings for me still”… “possibly reconciling”… and all the time he was meeting another woman or who knows AT THIS POINT. During these elusive interludes, I couldn’t get in touch with him via cell phone or email (surprise, surprise). He would suddenly appear… call me… or email me – cute little affirmative emails with attached hearts saying “we had a good dinner … good time last night”. The jerk even had the audacity to send me a “gold star” for being nice and positive in working on reconciling. His elusiveness was strange … he finally told me that he was seeing a “woman” who he met on the internet who was a former lesbian (lol) who now is bisexual. (HUH) He said they initially had s*x but that now they were just friends… they played board games, scrabble, cards… then slept together… no S*X… LOL He then said he liked partying with his new friend who apparently knew a lot of “happy guys”. He then told me that he would spend the night at their home… rather than drive home. (HUH)? Unless he changes his ways and gets help for his behavioral ISSUES… I’d beware of him if I were you. He’s an older man, salt/pepper greying hair … Danish accent. After we had spent the night together a few times… he told me that this new girlfriend, the lesbian who is now bisexual (or WHATEVER) told him that she had a former lover that tested positive for HIV. In my opinion, he’s a habitual, sociopathic liar, manipulator and cold as ice. No conscience, no guilt and a skilled liar. Either Michael has a vivid imagination in storytelling… or he was telling me the truth. G*d only knows. After one month October to November (09) with this man… I realized life will go on without MICHAEL.

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