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Mike says he still loves me, and will always love me.. His own words.. But you will not believe it, he even said it while we were talking a while ago, he still wears little things of me in his wallet.. He even showed me to prove it a little while ago, so don\’t tell me he has changed, I still have that pic and his emails, he always had lots of girlfriends, one is not enough for him, but you will find out sometime, ask him about Rose, Marion, Dy, Mary, Tonya, Barb and many more, but I don\’t remember all those names..Poor Poll knows nothing how Mike is..he keeps private email for each girlfriend so he doesn\’t confuse what he says to each of them..and so his wife does not see what he does

He connected m and trixon to make mantrixon (mike and trixon), he connected name of husband he did not like to another female artyfarty.. he has every female make \”special\” email for him

Ask him if you can join his group All his female friends are there, I have never been allowed to join his group, he always threatened me when I tried to.
Mike always forbid me…… And why?? Because I am not supposed to see what he discussed with them ofcourse
He has them all on MSN, Skype and his chatty programs also

Mike should also have kept his promise, but that is also something he never did and does..
He made promises to me and he broke his promises

And what I just said, that he still loves me,and care for me, is something he really said, I still have all the mails..he said he loves me forever

Goodbye, and no need to reply


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