Paul Getz — Englewood, Colorado

This guy is dangerous to any woman that falls prey to him. He is a drug abuser, alcoholic, physical, mental and verbal abuser. Women beware this guy has a long history of a very jaded past and present. I urge you to go to and pay the $6.95 so that you can see his records. YIKES!!! He preys on single women with children. Nothing he says is true…he also has records in the following states, California, New York, Oregon, Conneticut and New Jersey! He is the owner of rocky mountain air solutions in colorado and lives in a townhome. He is very big on taking girlfriends that want to leave him to court and filing restraining orders on them so that he can use the courts as a tool to destroy innocent women’s lives. It is not beneath him to fabricate false stories to the police and have women detained for mere satisfaction of them rejecting him. He will use any measure to make you look like the crazy ex. If you have come in contact with this man, I desperately urge you to speak to Arapahoe County Sherriffs office and seek counseling. He will stop at nothing!! To press charges against him for false allegations is very costly. I can not stress to you enough how mentally unhealthy this person is. See the website for photos and other testimonials. Care enough about yourself and your children to not get involved with this person. De he has bipolar disorder and has been diagnosed under required mental evaluation in the State of Oregon for Narcissitic Personality disorder. Some sights say that he has child molestation charges on him which is even more scarey. He admittedly confessed to having male sexual experimentation several times while he was in College. DATER BEWARE…this one is definately one to steer away from!!!

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