Stephanie Angela Bravo — Windsor, Canada

Where do I begin with this person? Wow! What a mess she made of her life. When she was 22 years old she murdered someone. Yes that’s right! Murdered! Don’t believe me? Just google her name! Man went by the name of Sharri Lluhani. She’ll tell you an exaggerated version of the truth. But here’s the actual truth. Stephanie was on probation at the time, for another crime she committed. Broke her curfew and went out drinking with Sherri. He asked her to drive him home, in his vehicle, because he had too much to drink. She then got behind the wheel and decided to drive 160km an hour down Riverside Drive in the middle of winter. She then lost control and crashed into a trailer. Killing him instantly. The saddest thing about it is to this day she blames him for the accident. Says he forced her to do it. De she has never apologized to his mother either. Or his father. Should I note they were childhood friends? In the end, she only served 3 months in jail. She went down this road. She constantly cheated on her boyfriends and played mind games with people. Constantly looking for her next victim to dig her claws into. Once she was done she’d kick that person to the curb and find another man, or woman, to manipulate. She’s that big of a s**t. The saddest thing is now she’s married and has a couple of kids. Instead of changing her ways she slept around and finally leached off a guy that could take care of her and give her this amazing life. Until she finds someone new that is. She cheated on her last boyfriend (like she’s done to all the others) with this guy. She is now a stay at home mom. Completely living off this new guys success. Little does her husband know, she constantly cheats on him with other guys. When he’s at work or away she puts the kids down for a nap and invites guys over and f**ks them in there bed. I should know, I’m one of them. She doesn’t like condoms either. So I doubt his kids are actually his. Sorry dude.

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